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Hello, my name is Lesley.

     I wanted to start this blog after I received a liver transplant, and had a second chance at life.  I cannot say that I ever imagined that I wouldn’t be writing this today, after all I never had a symptom to make me believe that any organ in my body was shutting down. 

     One may wonder why I chose to use a sustainability blog platform and not a transplant one, I just chose to start with what I know.  I received my Master’s Degree from ASU in sustainability and have always wanted to promote that way of life.  The transplant made me much more aware of the sustainability aspect of life, including the “recycling” of one’s self, so I thought I would venture out and try to combine the two worlds. 

     What, do you ask, is this blog about?  It is not about me being a sustainability expert and it isn’t about me giving medical advice following a transplant, it is just the way that I have combined the two…discovering what works for me in life.  This blog is about how I practice sustainability, how I treat my body following the transplant, and how awareness for the both is important in life.

About Myself

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